Fotini Tikkou


I am an illustrator from Greece currently living in Copenhagen. I graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2009 and have been working as an illustrator ever since. My work includes children's books, editorial illustrations, book covers and surface patterns. I also try to make time for personal work creating a diverse series of illustrations.

In this shop you can purchase art prints, original work, stationery and accessories. I manage this shop myself so please, be patient with your order. Shipping takes place every Friday. Therefore,  expect around a week's time before your order ships. 

For wholesale orders, please contact me at:

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All items ship worldwide from Denmark. Orders are shipped out on Fridays. Please, make sure you fill out the address form correctly as this happens to be the number one reason mail gets lost. Also, bear in mind that delivery time is only an estimate. There is no control over what happens after the order is shipped via standard shipping. Most of the time parcels are delayed due to the customs control of each country. So, if you happen to live somewhere far from Europe expect some time before your parcel arrives. Please, keep that in mind when you are placing an order as a birthday gift.

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Rest of the world: 5-8 weeks

Regular shipping vs Track&Trace Shipping

There are two options of receiving your order: through regular or Track&Trace shipping. Tracking is slightly more expensive, it does however guarantee that you will always get your order in your hands. Unfortunately, standard shipping does not offer this option and sadly sometimes things can get lost on the way. When you choose the Track&Trace option you can rest assured that even in the case that your parcel is delayed or has lost its way it can be tracked down and redirected to you. You can also file a complaint if your parcel is damaged. Track&Trace shipping is recommended for original artwork and orders over 50€. Please, bear in mind that Track&Trace shipping does not make shipping faster, just safer.

If you choose standard shipping, please keep in mind that it is your sole responsibility. In the rare case that a parcel is lost or damaged, it cannot be replaced. If you choose regular shipping there is no way I can track your parcel. Unfortunately, there can be no refunds, exchanges or discounts either and that is because this is a small business run solely by me and I can simply not afford accidents caused by thirds parties. Do contact me though to see  if there is some way I can help.

If you live in Latin America, Asia, the Middle East or somewhere where parcels get lost often it is strongly recommended that you opt for Track&Trace shipping.

Return Policy 

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