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Where can I buy your pottery?

I sell all my handmade pottery exclusively through my online store. I do not offer my pottery to retailers so you will not find them in any store anywhere in the world. If you think you have seen it in a store, know that there is no way it is mine.

How can I buy your pottery?

I try to make shop updates in my online store every 2-3 months. I announce the specific date and time for each new launch in advance here, in my social media as well as through my mailing list. If you want to purchase a piece make sure you visit the store at the exact date and time pre-announced.

Why is all pottery in your store sold out?

Due to the high demand for my pottery as well as the fact that I only make small batches, all items tend to sell out really fast. If an item is sold out in the store, it means it's gone for ever and will not be made again as all items are one of a kind.

In case you are looking at a preview of new pots and everything is "sold out" that simply means that they are not available yet. They will become available on the specific date and time pre-announced.

Can I pre-order a ceramic piece?

No, I'm afraid I don't take pre-orders or custom orders. I usually offer a preview of each new launch with all the new pieces together with prices and tehnical characteristics. Just make sure to visit my shop in time for my next update if you want to purchase one of the available pieces.

Can you remake one of the pieces that are sold out?

Due to the handmade nature of my work, all my pieces are one of a kind. Not two pieces are alike and that is what they are never identically reproduced. Some designs might be similar to others but never exactly the same.

Why don't you make bigger/more frequent shop updates?

At the moment it is impossible for me to make bigger batches of ceramics due to the fact that this is a one-woman show and the process of handmade ceramics is an extremely slow one. In addition, I am only a part-time ceramic artist as I also work as an illustrator which does not allow me to dedicate all my time in pottery.

 Everything sells out so fast during your shop updates ! I never get a chance to grab a piece.

Shop updates tend to be crazy as everything sells out within the first few minutes. There are however a few things that you can try in order to increase your chances of making a purchase.

If you have placed an order with my shop previously and have saved your credit card info, that gives you a great time advantage compared to a first-time buyer.

Checking out with PayPal is also a faster way to place an order rather than filling out your credit card details.

Keep in mind that placing an item in your basket does not guarantee the purchase. Someone faster may still take the item out of your basket as they are checking out. Your best bet is to place a few items in your basket to secure them by completing the purchase quickly and then come back for another order. Double shipping costs will be calculated and any excess costs will be refunded to you.

Taking a look at the new launch previews to decide which items you are going for instead of browsing during the actual launch will help you purchase them faster than others.

Antrhopologie mugs vs my handmade mugs:

As you may know I have collaborated with Anthropologie to design 5 mugs that are sold exclusively through Antrhopologie. I do not sell these mugs through my online shop. In addition these mugs are designed but not created by me, which means that they were manufuctured by Anthropologie in a mass production scheme, which also explains the difference in price compared to my handmade mugs. These mugs are created from moulds, which makes them identical to each other.

My handmade mugs were designed and created by me in my very own studio. They are completely handmade and unique as they were created with my own hands from a ball of clay. When you buy a ceramic piece from my store, be sure that's it is the result of a slow process of personal work and a lot of love. Again, you can only find these pieces in my online store. You cannot find these pieces in Anthropologie.